Our Vision

Hopital Baptiste Biblique (HBB) opened in 1985 with the vision "to use medicine to reach into people’s lives with the Good News of the saving power of Jesus Christ."  The vision of HBB is to minister to the physical needs of patients while also ministering to the spiritual needs.  Numerous indigenous Baptist churches have been planted as a direct result of the hospital ministry.  Daily, bodies are healed and souls are saved into the Kingdom of God.  "We are here for the sole purpose of using medicine to reach into people's lives with the Good News of the saving power of Jesus Christ." 

The various ministries of the hospital include inpatient services, surgical services, daily clinic, national nurse training, HIV/AIDS outreach, and mobile medical clinics.  The reach of the hospital extends to thousands of people from multiple tribes and unreached people groups from up to 4 countries.  HBB provides care to over 11,000 new outpatients and 3,200 in patients every year!  In most missions endeavors the misionaries must go out to find people, however, in this setting, the people come to us often unaware of their great spiritutal need.  While at HBB, many times we are able to provide compassionate medical care that heals their physical ailments.  But even greater is the opportunity we have to share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and touch their souls for eternity!

It is not simply a humanitarian effort.  If we minister only to the physical while the spiritual perishes, our work is in vain.  Our vision is to reach the soul while ministering to the physical.  We will strive to evangelize the lost and disciple new believers in order to strengthen existing churches and establish new, reproducing Baptist churches.